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Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase HBAR with HashPack?

HashPack uses Banxa and MoonPay to allow you to directly purchase HBAR and USDC with your debit/credit card. Banxa and MoonPay are third party applications that handle fiat onramping for a small surcharge. HashPack receives a small 2% commission on each purchase.

How do I receive tokens and NFTs with HashPack?

Before a token or NFT can be sent to an account, the token must be associated to the account. This can be done via the "Add Token" button on the Assets tab, or the "Associate NFT" button the NFTs tab. The Hedera Network charges a fee of $0.05USD for associating a token to an account.

Why are my NFTs not showing in the gallery?

HashPack provides a gallery for all the NFTs present in an account. Note that NFTs may take a short while show up in the gallery after being transferred, due to refresh limits on Hedera Mirror nodes. While we have worked hard to support as many NFT formats as possible, some NFTs may still not show up. Please provide the token ID and serial in the HashPack Discord bugs channel if this occurs.

Can I use my Ledger Nano device with HashPack?

If you own a Ledger Nano, you can use HashPack to interface with your Ledger and securely use your account. We've put together a helpful guide to help you create or import an account with Ledger on HashPack.

How do I create a Hedera account?

HashPack proudly provides a free and simple mainnet account creation process for users. We've put together a simple guide to help you create your first account with HashPack.

How do I recover funds accidentally sent to an exchange without a memo?

Check out this guide for recovering funds sent to an exchange without a memo.

Can I import an existing Hedera account?

For users with existing Hedera network accounts, you can import your account into HashPack using your account ID and either a Private Key or 24 word mnemonic. After verifying the information with the Hedera network, you will be prompted to enter a nickname for the wallet. Then your wallet will be ready to use!

What is the password used for when creating a new wallet?

The HashPack app is secured by an application-wide password that you set when you first load the app. This password is used to securely encrypt all your account information. The HashPack Team does NOT save your password or any of your sensitive data, so make sure to write down the password in a secure location. If you lose your password, you’ll have to re-import all your wallets from scratch.

Keep in mind that the application password is unique on each of your devices and separate from your Hedera HBAR accounts. Don’t worry, your funds are safe and you will be able to access them as long as you have your private key or 12/24-word recovery phrases.

Is HashPack a non-custodial wallet, and what does that mean?

A key security feature of HashPack is that it is non-custodial. This means that none of your sensitive data is ever sent over the internet. The private key that you enter when you import your account is encrypted on your device and never sent over the internet.

Because of this, you remain completely in control of your account information. HashPack does not gather any sensitive account information. Remember to secure your private key or 12/24-word recover phrase, as there is no way to recover it if you lose them.


This error appears for users who don’t have their device time properly synced. Your clock needs to be automatically set in your device settings. You may need to restart your device and browser for this change to take effect.

Does HashPack support multiple wallets?

HashPack supports multiple wallets in one app! If you store your HBAR in more than one wallet, you can save them in the app for convenient access.

Can I use Testnet accounts with HashPack?

HashPack supports testnet accounts. Testnet accounts are used to test out the Hedera network using “play” HBAR. In order to import or create a testnet account, select the testnet option in the appropriate account creation/import screen. Note that testnet and mainnet accounts are on completely different networks and cannot interact with each other.

Can I save frequently used addresses with HashPack?

HashPack has an address book feature that lets you save contacts for future transactions. This allows you to conveniently and easily send HBAR to the same addresses. There is also a ‘recent address’ feature that shows your most recently used addresses.

Remember that sending HBAR to any account is non-reversible! Even if you use the address book, make sure to double check the address and the memo (if required) every time you send HBAR. HashPack is not responsible for HBAR transfers and cannot provide reimbursements.

How do I recover my account?

For security reasons HashPack does not automatically back up account information or store your information anywhere. If you lose your device, delete HashPack, or otherwise lose access to the HashPack app, you will have to Import your Account using your 12/24-word recovery phrase (or private key).

HashPack is a non-custodial wallet. This means you’re in complete control of your private key.

How does HashPack encrypt my data?

Your account data is securely encrypted using the application password, device PIN, or biometric unlock. HashPack uses in-browser and in-app local storage to store the user’s application data. All of the data is securely encrypted using SHA512. Passwords are secured using PBKDF2 key derivation.

Private keys and account transaction history are encrypted using the application password, device PIN, or biometric unlock. Account IDs, wallet nicknames and address book are stored using the same encryption. When logged into HashPack the application keeps the private key in session memory. Make sure to log out of HashPack whenever you leave the computer to protect your information.

Can I view my transaction history?

HashPack utilizes HashScan to provide an up-to-date history of transactions. This feature is provided for your convenience, however HashPack cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. The transaction history screen also contains a link to the dragonglass entry for each transaction.

Does HashPack have a QR scanner?

HashPack has a QR scanner that can be used to scan HBAR addresses for convenience. Always double-check the address and memo (if required) prior to sending any HBAR.

HashPack is not responsible for HBAR transfers and cannot provide reimbursements.

How accurate is the live chart?

HashPack uses a TradingView widget to provide an up to date price graph for your convenience. This is a third party widget so HashPack makes no claims to the accuracy of the information. You can access the chart from the main account screen.

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