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Hedera DeFi

As the leading wallet on Hedera, we've partnered with the best decentralised finance (DeFi) apps in the ecosystem.

SaucerSwap is the pioneering DEX on Hedera. Powered by the $SAUCE token.
Token Creator, Locker, Burner, Logo, Airdrop, Vesting, and Launchpad For Hedera | HBAR ℏ.
Multichain liquid staking platform. Access DeFi while earning staking rewards.
A public utility that enables fast and secure cross-network transfer of digital assets.

Community blog

The latest news, stories and guides from the Hedera community members.

Hedera NFTs

Explore the vibrant NFT community with our featured apps. Create, mint, and purchase Hedera NFTs, or launch your own project.

Marketplace, launchpad and explorer on the Hedera Network. Gamifying the Trading Experience.
Empowering you to analyze, mint, print, and track tokens across DeFi and NFTs.
Simple, no-code launchpad and minting tools built on Hedera. Join the revolution of creators.
NFTs made easy and accessible for everyone. Your favorite NFTs. All in one place.

dApp browser

HashPack's in-app browser securely integrates with more dApps than any other Hedera wallet.

Gaming spotlight

Hop into the metaverse and web3 gaming.

Trace War
The debut title in development by Liithos – a AAA Gaming studio founded by award-winning game creators.
A gaming metaverse on Hedera where the world comes together. No nationalities, no boundaries.
Legends of the Past
An exciting PVP action brawler where historical Legends engage in battles with web3 rewards.
A leading gaming studio bringing the next generation of MMO games to web3. Enter the Vavelverse!

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