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HashPack Studio empowers your teams to build engaging, frictionless, and measurable brand experiences with the familiarity of web2.

Trusted by the biggest names on Hedera

Why HashPack Studio?

White-glove consultation
Our broad technical knowledge, strategic direction, and security expertise help you build the right things, the right way.
Best-in-class products
We know what works. We're the team that built HashPack, the leading wallet in the Hedera ecosystem.
Supercharge your teams
We empower people. Providing the skills, training, and documentation to leave your teams self-sufficient.
From our community to yours
Need more specialist skills? Leverage our vast network of the best and brightest minds in web3.

Seamless one-click email login for your customers

Integrated with 99% of Hedera applications

Multi-platform: iOS, Android and Chrome

Digital collectibles made easy for your business

We can help you deliver

NFT marketplaces
Token launches & airdrops
Web3 marketing
Decentralised apps
Digital engagement
Token-gated experiences
Web3 gaming
DeFi platforms

Web3, simplified

From grassroots projects to enterprise-grade solutions, HashPack Studio offers seamless and secure integrations for your business.

Onboard your customers with their email in under a minute; no more recovery phrases or account numbers to manage.

Achieve higher signup conversions and introduce new users to crypto with our frictionless fiat on-ramping partners.

Everything you need, and more

Magic Link
Integrate our one-click account creation solution with ease. Powered by Magic Link.
Smart contracts
Build decentralised applications that scale with Solidity smart contracts on Hedera.
NFTs & tokens
We can advise on metadata standards, IPFS hosting, minting, and launching your tokens.
Onboard new users to crypto with our seamless fiat on-ramping partners.
Hedera SDK
Deliver value more efficiently with our expert knowledge of the Hedera SDK.
HashConnect is our feature-rich transaction signing protocol. Interoperability made easy.

Brands working with HashPack Studio

Ashfall is the debut title in development by Liithos – a new AAA Gaming studio founded by Award-Winning game creators.

ACME LABS™ and the Chuck Jones Gallery present Wrabbit™ and the Animation Masterpieces Collections on Hedera Hashgraph.

Trace War
Trace War is the debut title in development by Liithos – a new AAA Gaming studio founded by Award-Winning game creators.
The first gaming metaverse on Hedera where the world comes together. No nationalities, no boundaries. Just Earthlings.
Vavel Games, a leading gaming studio bringing the next generation of MMO games to web3. Enter the Vavelverse!
ACME LABS and the Chuck Jones Gallery present Wrabbit and the Animation Masterpieces Collections on Hedera Hashgraph.

We're the interface for the entire Hedera network

Trusted by the community
HashPack users account for 90% of the Hedera ecosystem. With over $300m USD of assets stored in users wallets.
Simplify integration
Minimise development time with our open source HashConnect library. Used by 99% of the applications on Hedera.
Powered by Hedera Hashgraph
Take advantage of low fixed fees and predictable costs, all while being sustainable and carbon negative.
100% non-custodial
Reduce the tax overhead of custodial solutions. HashPack never has access to your customers' assets.

Loved by leaders in the community

"We highly recommend HashPack for any organisation in need of a reliable, efficient, and best-in-class web3 wallet."

David Melnick

Chief Executive Officer, LedgerWorks

"HashPack has set the bar for wallet UX design, it's one of the best I've used in web3."

Solo Ceesay

Chief Executive Officer, Calaxy

"HashPack's user-friendly interface and seamless integration enabled over $30m in total value locked on SaucerSwap."

Peter Campbell

Marketing Lead, SaucerSwap Labs

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