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The Hedera Governing Council has voted for the following changes to native staking that will be implemented on August 11th:

  • Adjusting the maximum staking reward to 2.5%
  • Adjusting the reward emission cap
  • Implementing additional controls to algorithmically govern the reward rate

For more information please read the official Hedera announcement.

The highly anticipated release of native staking rewards in the Hedera network has excited many people to participate in providing security to the network. With this new release, some users have experienced difficulties redeeming their staking rewards. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions we have encountered since the launch of this new feature on the Hedera network.

What is Hedera native staking?

Hedera native staking is a process by which customers can earn rewards for participating in the Hedera network. By delegating their HBAR to a node operator, customers can help to secure the Hedera network and earn rewards in return. This process is an important part of maintaining the decentralization of the Hedera network and helps to ensure that it remains secure and efficient.

How do I stake my HBAR tokens?

Staking your HBAR tokens through HashPack is as easy as selecting the stake window on your HashPack wallet, selecting the node you would like to stake your tokens to and selecting stake your tokens.

Here is an in-depth guide on the process of staking your HBAR tokens and starting to collect your rewards.

How do I check if I received my rewards?

To check if you have received your staking rewards, simply log into your account and navigate to the Staking tab. You can view your pending rewards and full reward history.

Full information about your reward history can be found in the Staking tab.

Why are my staking rewards not showing up?

Rewards are automatically distributed on your first transaction of the day UTC. So if you’ve made a transaction in the past 24 hours, the displayed pending rewards disappear because you have auto-claimed them.

Can I stake HBAR with my Ledger device?

Yes, although there are some limitations. Please this article for more information.

Do I have to redeem my staking rewards every day?

The Hedera staking documentation provided by the network specifies that users do not have to log into their web3 wallets daily to collect their staking rewards. The rewards will be accumulated automatically every 24 hours on the stake window in your HashPack account and will be transferred to your assets window when you click on collect staking rewards.

Here is the official announcement provided by Hedera:

When can I start redeeming my staking rewards?

HashPack gathers the next reward data for your account directly from the Hedera network. If you have staked for more than 48 hours, check that you haven't automatically claimed your rewards already.

If you do not see any staking rewards but think you should have, please contact Hedera support. HashPack does not determine the available rewards and only displays what is provided by the network. An alternative way to check your staking rewards is through connecting your wallet on HashScan.

How long are the periods for staking rewards?

The periods for staking rewards are 24 hours, and the rewards will accumulate through periods if you don’t redeem them every day.

Why are my staking rewards mixed in with my other transactions?

Pending staking rewards are automatically triggered by any transaction made by or sent to your account. For example, staking rewards can be triggered by interacting with a smart contract, minting an NFT, or somebody sending you funds. These are highlighted in the Transaction History tab.

Staking rewards are highlighted in green in your Transaction History.

Are tokens automatically staked through HashPack?

Once you’ve selected a node your total HBAR balance is automatically staked to that node. No other tokens or assets are staked, only HBAR. You must be staked for a minimum of 24 hours (running from 00:00-00:00 UTC) in order to receive rewards.

Why am I not receiving rewards on my staked HBAR tokens?

There are a few reasons why you might not be earning your staking rewards. If you haven’t staked your HBAR tokens for more than 48 hours, your rewards won’t start accumulating. If you have changed the node you are staked on or unstaked and staked your tokens again, you won’t start earning your HBAR staking rewards because the timer will reset. If you fulfill these requirements and you are still not being able to redeem your rewards, please contact Hedera support.

Do staking rewards automatically compound?

Staking rewards don't automatically compound. To compound your staking rewards, you must redeem the rewards daily, either manually by pressing "collect rewards" or triggered through transactions you make.

I didn't do anything, why were my staking rewards were paid out?

With native staking on the Hedera network, staking rewards are triggered whenever there is activity on your account. So if you perform actions on the network such as sending tokens/HBAR, sign transactions, use smart contracts it will trigger any staking rewards. In addition, if someone sends you tokens or HBAR that will also trigger staking rewards to be paid out. This is a native part of Hedera, not a feature of HashPack specifically.

I just checked and my pending staking rewards dropped to zero, what happened?

Staking rewards are paid out automatically if any change happens on your account. You can check your staking history in the staking tab to see the history of payouts. Don't worry, if your pending rewards reads 0 you didn't miss out on rewards, they were probably just paid out to your account.

Why are my HBAR staking rewards not showing up on my stake window?

If you redeemed your rewards during a staking period, the staking reward counter will not refresh until the next staking reward period starts.

What happens if I unstake my HBAR tokens and stake them again on a different node?

If you unstake and change the Hedera node you were previously using to stake your HBAR tokens, you will have to wait 48 hours to start earning your staking rewards again.

What is Hedera’s staking APY?

Hedera native staking provides a 2.5% APY on your staked tokens, and the rewards are distributed every 24 hours.

What is APY?

APY stands for annualized percentage yield, and it is the yield you can expect from placing your assets on an investment vehicle. In the case of staking, the returns are earned by providing security to the Hedera network.

Here is an in-depth article on APY.

How do I choose what node to stake my HBAR tokens on?

Choosing what Hedera node is completely up to the user. There is currently no difference between nodes so everyone will get the estimated 2.5% APY regardless of what node is chosen.

What is a node?

A node is a computer that connects to the DLT network. Nodes validate and relay transactions and blocks throughout the network. They are an essential part of the Hedera DLT infrastructure, ensuring the network remains decentralized and secure. In the Hedera network, nodes are run by the governing council member but eventually, anyone will be able to run one.

How much does HashPack take from staking rewards?

HashPack does not take any staking rewards or charge fees for staking.

If you have any additional questions regarding the new release of the rewards for Hedera native staking feel free to contact us through Discord or Twitter.

As mentioned in the article, HashPack gathers all the information pertaining to the staking rewards directly from the Hedera network. If you continue to have problems redeeming your rewards, we advise you to contact Hedera support.

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