Enterprise grade security

At HashPack, security isn't an add-on, it's our core philosophy. Learn more about how we keep you and your account safe.

Engineered for your peace of mind

100% non-custodial
Your data is encrypted on your device and never shared with anyone. We never have access to your funds or private keys.
Fully audited
HashPack has been independently audited by Quantstamp, a leading auditing firm specialising in web3 software.
Regularly security tested
All of our releases undergo secure code reviews and are scanned with SAST and SCA tools before release.
Biometrics & 2FA
Protect your assets with biometric unlock on our mobile apps. Secure your email account with two-factor authentication.
Hardware support
HashPack integrates seamlessly and securely with your Ledger, D'CENT, or Citadel (coming soon) hardware wallet.
We respect your privacy
Our apps use cookieless analytics to protect your data and privacy. We never track any personal identifiable information.

Your Hedera gateway

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Security, made simple