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An HBAR Crypto wallet built on the most sustainable public network – Hedera Hashgraph.

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HashPack Features

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User Friendly Focus

A wallet that’s easy to understand and use, whether you’re new to HBAR or a veteran on the scene. Take advantage of Hedera’s extremely low fees when sending and receiving HBAR.

Stay connected

Account and Data Security

Import your existing Hedera account using the 24 word phrase or private key. Your account information is securely encrypted on your device and is never transmitted over the internet.

Powerful search

Transaction History

The history of your account is gathered directly from a Hedera mirror node, and shows all the activity on your account.

Put in a vault

Ledger Compatible

Create a new account or access an existing account on your Ledger in a few easy steps. HashPack integrates seamlessly and securely with your Ledger like no other wallet out there.

Fast messaging

Address Book

Save addresses to your wallet so you only have to enter them once. Assign a name and memo to keep track of your contacts. Previously used addresses are stored as well for easy access.

Share with others

Multiple Wallets

HashPack supports having multiple accounts on your device. Each account is encrypted by a main application password, with the option of having an additional password specific to each account.

About HashPack

HashPack is an HBAR wallet project developed by community members with professional backgrounds. The team has been working on this project since March 2021.

Our goal is to produce a professional-level HBAR wallet that is clean, secure and easy to use. The first version of HashPack has the main features we think are important for a wallet, but we have many features planned for the future!

The Team

May Chan


Chief Executive Officer

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Tyler Coté


Chief Technical Officer

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Nicholas Hanna


Chief Information Security Officer

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Jacob D’Rozario


Chief Design Officer

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