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HashPack is the gateway for Hedera dApps, DeFi and NFTs. Powered by Hedera Hashgraph.

Securely trade and admire your NFT collection

Connect with your favourite Hedera dApps

Stake your HBAR in seconds with HashPack

Security, Made Simple

Ledger Support
HashPack integrates seamlessly and securely with your Ledger.
Forget Exchanges
Purchase HBAR and USDC directly in HashPack with Banxa or MoonPay.
Address Book
Conveniently save addresses to your wallet so you only have to enter them once.
Multiple Wallets
Add multiple accounts on your device. Switch accounts in seconds.
100% Non-Custodial
Your data is securely encrypted. HashPack never has access to your funds.
Biometric Security
Protect your assets with face or fingerprint authentication on your device.

About HashPack

HashPack is developed by an international team of community members and professionals with decades of experience. Since its launch, HashPack has made waves in the community as the leading Hedera wallet.

HashPack approaches user experience as seriously as application security, community involvement, or new feature development. From vision to reality, HashPack is simple, secure, and stylish.

Meet the Founders

May Chan
Chief Executive Officer
Tyler Coté
Chief Technology Officer
Nicholas Hanna
Chief Information Security Officer
Jacob D'Rozario
Chief Design Officer

Our Roadmap

Now ✨

USDC On-Ramp
Buy USDC In-Wallet
✅ Done
Smart Contract Support
✅ Done
Cross-Chain Bridges
HBAR to BTC, ETH etc.
✅ Done

Next 👀

In-Wallet Staking
✅ Done
Android Beta
HashPack Mobile App
🚀 Launching
Fiat Off-Ramp
Sell & Trade HBAR
🛠 Building

Future 🚀

Token Swap
In-Wallet Token Swaps
🛠 Building
Apple Beta
HashPack Mobile App
🛠 Building
Web3 Gaming Support
Integrating Gaming dApps
⛔️ In Queue

Your Hedera Gateway

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