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New to crypto? HashPack is your gateway to web3. Create an account in under a minute and join the vibrant Hedera ecosystem.

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1. Make an account

All accounts on HashPack are decentralised, non-custodial, and secure. Whether you're a web3 veteran or just starting out, we've got you covered.
Email login
Create an account in under a minute using your email address. Recommended for new users.
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Recovery phrase
A 24-word recovery phrase is generated for the account, which must be kept secure.
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Hardware wallet
HashPack integrates seamlessly and securely with your Ledger, D'CENT, or Citadel wallet.
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2. Add funds to your account

Now you've created your first account, you need some HBAR in your wallet! Here's three simple ways to fund your HashPack wallet.
Buy in-wallet
The quickest and easiest way to get HBAR is by purchasing it directly in HashPack.
How to buy HBAR
Bridge your assets from other chains using Hashport and convert them into HBAR.
Bridge your tokens
Send via exchange
Purchase HBAR on your favourite exchange and send it to your HashPack wallet.
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3. Explore HashPack

HashPack is your gateway to web3. Stake your HBAR, explore dApps, swap your tokens, buy and sell digital collectibles.

Stake your HBAR and start earning rewards

Connect with your favourite Hedera dApps

Swap your tokens in seconds

Securely trade and admire your NFT collection

Explore Hedera community

HashPack has collaborated with the biggest community projects on Hedera to help you get started in the ecosystem. Explore below:

Need some help?

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