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Hedera staking rewards Live!

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Update: please read this guide for the most recent information about staking on Hedera.

Native staking rewards are now live on Hedera Hashgraph! HashPack has made it simple to stake your HBAR.

Select and stake your HBAR to one of the 27 consensus nodes run by the Hedera Governing Council members and passively earn HBAR.

For more information about staking, please read this official Hedera article.

How to stake

We’ve put together a short guide and an FAQ to help you get started.

Select the Stake tab from the menu, then press the Stake your HBAR button. Next, select one of 26 nodes you wish to stake your HBAR to.

Confirm your chosen node and press the Stake button, then press Done. Congratulations, you’ve now staked your HBAR! 🥳

You’ll now be able to view the node you’re staked to. Your full balance is automatically staked. Your funds are fully available for use while staked. You can unstake or switch nodes freely. Simply press the Unstake or Change Node buttons.

Once you've staked for the minimum 24 hour period, you'll passively earn rewards. Press the 'Collect Rewards' button to redeem your HBAR!

Frequently asked questions

What rewards can I earn from staking?
The Council (through CoinCom) has voted to implement a maximum cap of 2.5% annual reward rate.

Update: The Hedera Governing Council has voted for the following changes to native staking that will be implemented on August 11th:

  • Adjusting the maximum staking reward to 2.5%
  • Adjusting the reward emission cap
  • Implementing additional controls to algorithmically govern the reward rate

For more information please read the official Hedera announcement.

Which node pays out the highest rewards?
At the time of launch, all nodes pay out the same approximate reward rate of 2.5%. Please see the full list of nodes and estimated rates on HashScan.

Can I stake HBAR with my Ledger device?
Yes, although there are some limitations. Please this article for more information.

Can I choose how much to stake?
No, your full HBAR balance is automatically staked.

If my HBAR balance changes, do I have to do anything to update my stake?
No, your current HBAR balance is staked automatically. You don't need to update anything!

Are my funds locked?
No, your funds are fully available for use while staked.

When can I claim my staking rewards?
Rewards can be claimed after staking for 24 hours. The staking period begins at midnight UTC and the staking period ends at midnight UTC. You can claim your rewards once in every 24 hour period.

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