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How to recover funds sent to an exchange without a memo

January 4, 2023

Have you accidentally sent funds to an exchange without including a memo?

Fear not!

Thankfully, recovering funds is a simple process. Follow the instructions below, and the exchange is normally able to reverse the transaction in a few days. Most exchanges follow a similar process, but we'll be using Binance as the example in this guide.

How to recover funds

Step 1
First, you'll need to find the details of your account and the transaction information.

Search for your account on HashScan.

Visit HashScan and enter your account ID into the search bar. Your account ID can be found at the top left of your HashPack wallet, and will look like this 0.0.1234567.

Step 2
Next, find the transaction details of the deposit made to the exchange's address. It should look like the screenshot below.

Find the transaction details for the deposit you made to the exchange.

Step 3
Copy and paste the transaction ID, which in this example is 0.0.1234567@1670256438.076832244. We'll need to use this information in Step 5 to recover the funds.

Step 4
Head over to the exchange, and find their support form for retrieving deposits with a wrong memo. This may differ from exchange to exchange. On Binance, they have a help article with a link to a form to complete.

Step 5
Fill out the form, which will ask for the deposit amount and transaction ID. Depending on the exchange, they may not accept the transaction ID in the format copied from HashScan. You may have to remove the '@' symbol and the last period '.' from the transaction ID.

In some instances, you may need to change the format of the transaction ID.

Your refund will now be processed in a few business days and credited back to your original Hedera account.

If you need any further support using HashPack, join our community Discord.

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