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Introducing our new onboarding experience

January 3, 2023

HashPack account creation is made even easier with our new onboarding experience!

You can now create an account with HashPack by simply using your email address. Even better, this new login feature is decentralized, non-custodial, and secure.

We're also adding the ability to create a Hedera account using your Google, Facebook, or Twitter account in the near future.

Download HashPack, and create an account with your email in under a minute.

How it works

When you log in to HashPack and create or import an account, you'll notice a new screen. Simply enter your email address, then verify the Magic Link, and HashPack will create a brand new Hedera account secured by your email.

No recovery phrase or private key is required!

And that’s it!

Simply enter your email address, then verify the Magic Link.

It’s that easy

For users that want to make a HashPack wallet and get started on Hedera, it’s that easy. Load up HashPack on your phone, tablet, or computer, create a new wallet with your email, and have fun!

Check out our Community page for things you can do in the ecosystem.

The standard methods of creating or importing accounts with private keys, recovery phrases, or Ledger devices will always be available in HashPack, so using an email is completely optional.

Download HashPack, and create an account with your email in under a minute.

If you want to learn a bit more about how this all works, please read on!

Familiar user experience backed by web3 cryptography

The new onboarding experience is provided by Magic. Their service is audited, completely non-custodial and decentralized. As a user, you retain full control of your account; no one else has the ability to access it except you (not even HashPack!).

Most importantly, you don’t need to write down a recovery phrase or store your private key anywhere. For many users, this removes a huge hurdle to enter crypto, and also reduces the chances of user error. It makes logging in and accessing Hedera easy and painless, without sacrificing security.

For more technical information on how Magic secures your account, please read their official documentation.

Peace of mind with multi-factor authentication

One great feature of email accounts on HashPack is the ability to add two-factor authentication (2FA).

During account creation, after verifying your email address you'll be prompted to enable 2FA. This step is optional, but provides additional security to protect your account. Magic currently offers users 2FA through mobile authenticator apps like Authy, Microsoft and Google Authenticator.

Enable two-factor authentication for additional security.

You can enable, disable and manage your two-factor authentication from the settings page in HashPack.

In addition, users can also enable additional two-factor authentication for their email account through their email provider, making accessing their Hedera account through HashPack even more secure. Here's a guide on how to enable extra-security with a Google Mail account.

Recovering your account

Recovering your account, or importing your account on another device couldn't be easier!

Press the I already have a wallet button, then enter your email address, and you'll be sent a new Magic Link to verify and recover your account.

Press the I already have a wallet button, then enter your email address.


Can I get my private key or recovery phrase for safekeeping?
Not at the moment. In a future update, we'll add a feature that lets you export your recovery details from Magic.

Can I link this to my Ledger device?
No, email logins aren't compatible with Ledger devices.

Can I migrate my existing account to my email address?
No, you'll need to create a new account with your email address and then manually send your assets across from your old account.

Can I import my account created with my email address into another wallet other than HashPack?
Not at the moment. This solution is designed to simplify the experience for users, but for more tech savvy users who want complete control over their accounts, the recovery phrase/private key method is still available.

Does HashPack keep track of the email I used to create the account?
HashPack does not keep track of what emails are used to make accounts.

Who is the new onboarding experience for?
This streamlined account flow is specifically for new users coming into web3 who may not understand or be comfortable with seed phrases and private keys. Our goal is to make web3 and Hedera as accessible as possible for all types of users. HashPack still supports recovery phrase and Ledger-secured account creation for web3 savvy users.

If you need any further support using HashPack, join our community Discord.

Download HashPack, and create an account with your email in under a minute.

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