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How to swap tokens with HashPack

February 27, 2023

HashPack users can now swap tokens directly in-wallet. Users can take advantage of Hedera’s low fees and lightning fast performance, made possible through our collaboration with SaucerSwap, the pioneering DEX on Hedera.

Token swapping is one of the main features of decentralized finance (DeFi), and HashPack allows you to exchange tokens directly in-wallet.

Select the Swap window on your wallet and pick the token you would like to swap from and the token you would like to receive.

Select the token you would like to Swap From in the top dropdown, and the token you would like to Swap To in the bottom dropdown. Then, enter the amount you would like to exchange, and our swapping technology will show you how much you will receive in exchange.

The Slippage function below is used to determine the maximum amount of price impact you are willing to take. Depending on the token selected and the liquidity it has, the Slippage might need to be increased for the swap to go through.

Once you are happy with the exchange, press the Swap button, and the confirmation screen will pop up. Double check the transaction details, press the Swap button again, and the transaction will be processed. Once the transaction is complete, you will be able to see the token you have swapped on the Assets tab of your HashPack.

Congratulations! You have now successfully performed an in-wallet swap.

If you have any questions about swapping tokens, please contact us through the web chat below.

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