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HashPack NFT Market

July 11, 2023

We've collaborated with SentX to bring you their NFT marketplace market right inside your wallet!

You will find a new Market button on the NFT tab inside HashPack, where you can buy and list NFTs on SentX without ever leaving your wallet.

Browse the marketplace

Search for your favourite NFT collections and buy from the convenience of your wallet.

HashPack NFT tab

Once you've launched HashPack, navigate to the NFT tab and press the Market button.

NFT Market

From here you can see recent listings from SentX, you can also search and filter by specific NFT collections.

Purchase NFTs from SentX

Once you've found your perfect NFT, simply press the Buy NFT button. It couldn't be easier!

Better yet, there are no additional fees for using this in-wallet marketplace.

Sell your NFT in seconds

As well as browsing and purchasing NFTs, you can also list your NFTs for sale on SentX.

List your NFTs

Simply, select the NFTs you want to sell, name your price, and press List.

You can even bulk list multiple NFTs in one go!

Manage your listings

No longer want to sell an NFT? You can manage your listings and delist NFTs in one click. From the NFT Market homescreen, navigate to the My listings page, and press the Delist button for the NFTs you wish to remove from sale.

Please note that only NFTs approved for sale on SentX are available to list. There's a 2% market fee on all sales.

Let us know what you think

We hope you enjoy this new feature as much as we do!

We’ll continue to refine the NFT Market experience and welcome all feedback during the initial launch.

Share your NFTs on Twitter or join our Discord server to keep connected and stay in the know for any further updates!

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