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HashConnect upgrade to support official Hedera WalletConnect!

March 30, 2023

HashConnect will soon be upgraded to support the official Hedera WalletConnect!

What is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is an industry-standard way of connecting wallets to dApps that is used on other chains. It has a smooth connection flow for users and an easy multi-wallet integration for developers.

I'm a dApp developer, what does this mean for me?

If you are looking for deep HashPack integration – such as direct exposure to our users through the dApp browser, deep linking for mobile users, and a few new yet-to-be-revealed advanced features – keep an eye out for our official announcement.

We suggest all dApps continue using the existing HashConnect implementation, and v3 will be based around WalletConnect with minimal changes needed to your existing integrations.

Once this upgrade is complete, any wallet will be able to connect to your dApp through WalletConnect, and you will have access to HashPack's advanced features.

What took so long?

At the beginning of March, the library was made public by another wallet provider that had elevated access to the repo. This was done without the knowledge of Swirlds and without any cooperation, knowledge, or input from other major ecosystem partners.

The library remains public on the Hedera Github, but we currently consider it not ready for production use. We are involved in discussions with Swirlds, THF, and other ecosystem participants, around how to move this project forward – establishing a governance model, and getting the library ready for production use for all wallets and dApps.

We expect a more official announcement about the status of the repo in the coming weeks, and expect there to be numerous changes to the current public repo as the community collaborates on this official WalletConnect standard.

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