HashConnect is our answer to interoperability on Hedera. Interact securely with Hedera dApps and Smart Contracts, using HashPack to approve transactions while keeping your private keys safe and secure.

HashConnect Features

Developer Docs
A complete guide is available with installation and integration instructions, open source functional demo and FAQ for common issues.
Open Source Library
Our vision is to provide a protocol to serve as an open source standard for the Hedera network, maximizing compatibility across the ecosystem.
Plug and Play
The library is available on NPM and is designed to be easy to implement, simplifying integration and minimizing development time.
Smart Contracts
HashConnect supports decentralised applications and protocols that scale with Solidity Smart Contracts on Hedera.

Building dApps on Hedera?

At HashPack, we’re dedicated to developing products and services which reduce friction and spark adoption of the Hedera network by institutional developers.

HashConnect is a transaction signing protocol which allows for MetaMask-type interactions between wallets and dApps. Are you building dApps on Hedera? Join our active developer community on Discord.

Your Hedera Gateway

Ready to get started? Install HashPack on your favourite browser or device.