HashConnect is our answer to interoperability on Hedera. Interact securely with Hedera dApps and smart contracts, using HashPack to approve transactions while keeping your private keys secure.

Developer docs
Simple integration instructions, functional demo, and FAQ for common issues.
Exclusive features
Reach a larger audience with our dApp store. Increase user engagement with social profiles.
The HashConnect library is integrated with WalletConnect, and is easy to implement.
Smart contracts
Supports dApps and protocols that scale with Solidity Smart Contracts on Hedera.

Building dApps on Hedera?

At HashPack, we’re dedicated to developing products and services which reduce friction and spark adoption of the Hedera network by developers.

HashConnect is a Hedera transaction signing protocol which allows for WalletConnect interactions between wallets and dApps

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We're the interface for the entire Hedera network

Trusted by the community
HashPack users account for 90% of the Hedera ecosystem. Built by the community, for the community.
Simplify integration
Minimise development time with our HashConnect library. Used by 99% of the applications on Hedera.
Powered by Hedera Hashgraph
Take advantage of low fixed fees and predictable costs, all while being sustainable and carbon negative.
100% non-custodial
Reduce the tax overhead of custodial solutions. HashPack never has access to your customers' assets.

Your Hedera gateway

Ready to get started? Explore our HashConnect library and start building.