Using HashPack on a mobile device

January 18, 2022

Note for iOS users: HashConnect functionality is not optimised for Safari. We'd recommend using Chrome on both iOS and Android devices for the best experience when connecting to Hedera dApps. If you'd still like to use HashPack as a PWA on Safari then read the guide below.

One question we frequently get asked at HashPack is: Can I use HashPack on my mobile device? Absolutely!

HashPack works great on mobile devices with our browser-based web app. We also have plans to launch dedicated Android and iOS apps in the near future.

In the meantime you can use HashPack on your mobile as a progressive web application (PWA). This means you can add an icon to your home screen like you would a normal mobile app.

How to use HashPack as a PWA

We've put together this simple guide to show you how to use HashPack as a PWA. For best results, please make sure your mobile device is updated to the latest version (Apple iOS 15 or Android OS 12).

Launch the HashPack web app on your mobile device. To use HashPack as a PWA you must use Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android.

Using iOS on Safari, tap the bookmark icon (bottom centre). Using Chrome on Android, tap the ellipsis icon (bottom right corner).

Choose Add to Home Screen.

Finally, click Add.

HashPack should now appear on your home screen like a normal mobile app. Please note the first time you use the HashPack PWA you'll need to choose a new password and create or import your account.

If you need any further support using HashPack on mobile, join our community Discord.

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