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Upside Coop X HashPack partnership announcement

April 4, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that HashPack has officially partnered with Upside Cooperative, a move that represents a significant step forward in our mission to expand the reach of web3 technology to traditional brands and companies.

As a company, we have always been committed to collaborating with both web3 and non-web3 companies in order to create rails and experiences that adapt to the web2 paradigm while adding web3 value. Our goal has always been to deliver the best possible user experience, while leveraging web3 technology as a value add for traditional companies.

Our partnership with Upside Cooperative is a major milestone in this journey. By engaging with community members and companies in educational discussions that look beyond the current web3 paradigm, we have identified the importance of the value proposition before the technology stack, particularly for companies wanting to leverage DLT technology.

Upside Cooperative's legally compliant platform enables brands to distribute ownership to stakeholders based on valuable behaviors, aligning brand and community goals. With a user-friendly dashboard for stakeholders to track their progress and a control panel for brands to set action-based rewards, the platform is designed to make the process as seamless as possible.

We believe that this partnership represents a major step forward for both our company and Upside Cooperative alike. By working together, we are set to revolutionize the way traditional brands and companies approach web3 technology, delivering real value to stakeholders and users alike.

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to push the boundaries of what's possible with web3 technology.

About Upside Coop

Upside.coop, enables organizations to share ownership with their communities, clients, and partners to align incentives, increase retention, and amplify growth. We believe that everyone who contributes value should have the opportunity to shape and benefit from the companies they help to build. By adopting our digital cooperative model, companies can tap into the knowledge, network, and resources of their communities and worker collectives, unlocking the power of the upside.

About HashPack

HashPack is the leading wallet on Hedera used for NFTs, DeFi, and everything else that involves interacting with the Hedera network. It is a non-custodial wallet for iOS, Android and Chrome. Some key features are the NFT Gallery, In-wallet swaps, dApp Browser, P2P Secure Trade feature, Fiat onboarding and more.

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