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Superlink enters the Hedera Ecosystem by integrating with HashPack Wallet

September 22, 2023

This article was originally published September 21, 2023 on the official Superlink blog.

Superlink is on a mission to make digital identity universally accessible. To start, we’re bringing human-friendly addresses to payments in order to simplify transfers and digital asset ownership.

Today, we’re excited to announce one of our first integrations. Superlink is entering the Hedera ecosystem, a top ten chain, by collaborating with HashPack, the largest wallet serving that community.

HashPack represents over 95% of users in the Hedera ecosystem and is the leading wallet on the platform with integrations across the DeFi space as well as collaborations with Hedera governing council members such as LG and ServiceNow.

Superlink and HashPack share the goal of simplifying payments. Today’s integration ensures all HashPack users can utilize Superlink names for transfers.

Instead of copy/pasting a seven digit Hedera address, enter any Superlink name that’s mapped to a HashPack wallet address.

"Reducing friction for Web3 technologies is our north star at HashPack. We are constantly building ways to make it easier for users and developers alike to succeed and flourish in this exciting new technology space. Superlink's technology is right in line with our values, bringing personalization and accessibility to our users and enhancing their web3 experience." says May Chan, HashPack Co-Founder and CEO.

Superlink names are your simplest representation online. A link that’s just you, nothing else.

We’re working with industry leaders like HashPack to ensure Superlink names work everywhere you want to be,” said Matt Winn, CEO of Superlink. “HashPack and Superlink have a shared mission to reduce complexity in this space, and we’re excited to make payments even easier for everyone in the HashPack network.

If you’re an existing Superlink user, download the HashPack wallet and get started today. And to all the HashPack users, consider grabbing a Superlink name. Use discount code HASHPACK20 for 20% off your purchase - anytime over the next week.

Stay tuned for more updates on this integration and others coming soon!

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