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Hedera22: Hello Smart Contracts

March 21, 2022

This year HashPack is a proud sponsor of a $5,000 HBAR challenge in the Hedera 2022 Hackathon.

We are seeing an explosion of developer interest in the Hedera ecosystem, and one of the key things we’re seeing is that there are still a lot of base infrastructure tools that are needed to help new companies and projects build on Hedera.

HashPack’s core goal is to develop the tools to accelerate the ecosystem, so our challenge for this event fits right into that mission.

Check out the 2022 Hedera Hackathon Event Page for more information, or watch our short video outlining the challenge above.

Not a hacker? You can still show your support!

Not everyone in the community is a developer, but we have been shown time and time again that people are looking for ways to help out and support the ecosystem in whatever way they can. We love this about the community and so we’ve come up with a way for HashPack fans to give our participants a boost!

We’ve teamed up with HBAR to the Moon to produce a limited edition NFT HashPack Hackathon coin. All profits* raised through the sale of this coin will be directly given back to Hackathon participants!

There will only be 100 of these gorgeous NFT’s minted for 400 HBAR each. The proceeds will be used throughout the six weeks to promote participants tackling our challenge and also to boost up the final reward at the end.

With only 100 NFT’s these coins are sure to go fast. Purchase now, exclusively on dPub.

Follow HashPack and HBAR to the Moon on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out on future news and updates.

*A small portion will be used to pay for the artist who designed the coin. All other proceeds will be distributed for the Hackathon.

Challenge details Hackathon 2022

Our challenge is called ‘Login Library’, and in short it asks participants to create a library that applications can use to authenticate their users and store user public and private information. This is a Web 3.0 solution, where instead of using an email and password to sign up for and log into a website, you sign in by verifying that you own a Hedera account. This is done seamlessly in HashPack by making use of our open source metamask-like signing solution, HashConnect.

The team is also offering mentorship throughout the six week event. Feel free to hop in our Discord server and chat with the team.

For UI, UX and design

For HashConnect and security

For business development, product design and general hackathon questions

Judging criteria

At the end of this challenge our goal is to have an open source library that can be easily incorporated by applications to provide a consistent user experience in the Hedera space. At the end of the six weeks, entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

Technical execution

  • What measures are taken to properly secure user data?
  • How does the solution allow for responsible handling of the user’s private information?
  • How ready is this for the market?
  • How robust and flexible is the solution for allowing applications to choose the types and methods of storing data?

Innovative vision

  • What considerations have been made to improve the user’s experience?
  • What makes this solution better than traditional user authentication schemes?

Challenge fit

  • How relevant is the project to the base challenge requirements?
  • How does the solution go above and beyond the base challenge description?

Market potential

  • How practical is the library to implement?
  • How does the library address data privacy laws with regards to storing user data and enabling companies to comply?
  • How seamless is the user experience when implemented in an application?

Happy hacking!

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