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March 15, 2024

On March 17th, we're excited to launch three new utility NFTs: the HashPack Concierge Collectibles. They will be the main way to obtain $PACK token!

Here’s everything you need to know:

When will the launch be?

We’ll be launching the HashPack Concierge Collectibles on March 17th at 9am PST, 12pm EST, and 4pm UTC.

Where do I buy the NFTs?

These utility NFTs will be available to buy directly in the HashPack Store. Make sure you update to HashPack v9.7.0 to access the updated HashPack Store.

What do the NFTs do?

Each NFT provides access to exclusive utilities, cosmetic upgrades, and a one-time distribution of PACK.
$150 USD | 5,046 available
9,200 $PACK
$300 USD | 2,546 available
20,800 $PACK
First Class
$500 USD | 1,046 available
36,000 $PACK
The prices are payable in $HBAR and fixed to US dollar amounts. The price is updated every hour to reflect the current market value of HBAR.
More information about the Collectibles can be found here.

What is the multiplier bonus?

Buy all three Concierge Collectibles to unlock the Fully Packed Collectible and receive an additional 6,000 $PACK tokens.
With all three Collectibles and the Fully Packed bonus, you’ll receive a total of 72,000 $PACK!

How many can I buy?

There are no limits to how many you can buy. You can mint 9 NFTs at once. You can buy a full set of NFTs or individual NFTs.
For example, you can purchase 3 full sets (which will include 3x Standard, Premium, and First Class) or 9 Standard, Premium, and First Class NFTs in a single transaction.

How will the mint be fair?

We are launching on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no whitelists, early access, or discounts.
In the spirit of fairness and to avoid bots from entering the mint, we have added a re-captcha section on the 'checkout' page. In order to process the transaction, the re-captcha will have to be completed.

When will the Fully Packed bonus NFTs and PACK be distributed?

For users who buy complete sets, the Fully Packed multiplier NFT will be distributed upon the conclusion of the INO, and it will be based on a snapshot of accounts holding full sets.
The corresponding distribution of PACK will be airdropped post-launch. More information on this will be available in the near future.

Should I associate the token?

When you mint the NFTs, PACK token and the Concierge Collectibles will be automatically associated. All NFTs, including the Fully Packed bonus, have the same token ID.

What is PACK token?

PACK token is the official utility token for HashPack Wallet, the leading retail wallet on Hedera Hashgraph. Read the PACK Litepaper.


Be sure to join our Discord community and follow us on Twitter for more updates. If you need further help using HashPack, please reach out to our customer support.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

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