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HashPack and Genfinity partnership announcement

November 23, 2022

HashPack is proud to announce our partnership with Genfinity.

Community outreach has always been a main priority for HashPack. We were a sponsor and judge of the Hedera 2022 Hackathon, we’ve run collaborations with many creators and projects in the space, and we’ve done our best to showcase the best and brightest projects on Hedera.

In the past few months we’ve made some big community moves, launching our Community Hub to provide a single stop for people to discover projects in the Hedera ecosystem. We also launched the dApp browser in our wallet for one-touch connection to Hedera applications.

On Genfinity’s side, they ran the massively successful Hederaween event in October, which was a massive 8,000 person twitter space with dozens of NFT giveaways of some of the top NFT projects in Hedera. They also have a monthly publication called the Lighthouse Report that goes over many topics such as crypto news, market sentiment, DeFi and many other topics.

Both our projects have big plans for the community, so we’re proud to announce that starting December 1st, HashPack and Genfinity are partnering to combine our strengths and continue this mission together. Through this partnership we plan to empower the community, spread the word of crypto, and bring in new users, developers, and companies into web3.

Partnership focus: project engagement & interviews

The first point of order for this partnership is to continue engaging with the community and providing quality content on everything that’s going on in the Hedera ecosystem. Hedera has really kicked into high gear since the summer and so both HashPack and Genfinity are going to double down on providing a steady stream of content to keep the community up to date with news.

Look forward to seeing more interviews, articles and other content coming out of both teams in the near future!

Community engagement and empowerment

In addition to direct project interaction, we want to find more ways to engage the community and showcase the energy and excitement in the ecosystem. Going into 2023 we plan to help facilitate more community spaces, collaborations between projects and creators, and hopefully run more big events like Hederaween.

Perhaps most importantly though, we want to spread our attention outside of Hedera’s ecosystem into the broader crypto space. Awareness is everything, and we want to make Hedera, HashPack and Genfinity names that everyone knows in Web3. To that end, we also want to empower the community to join us in this mission, and have plans around that as well. So stay tuned!

We are extremely excited to join forces with the incredible team at Genfinity and keep growing the ecosystem to what we all know it can be.

About Genfinity

Genfinity is a digital media organization providing tools and solutions for Web3 engagement and education. Their mission is to provide a trusted hub for communities to socialize, become informed, and successfully participate in the ever-evolving digital economy. They are committed to being a reliable source of information and resources for users as they navigate the Web3 ecosystem. Additionally, they aim to create an inclusive space where people from all backgrounds can come together and share their experiences.

About HashPack

HashPack is the leading wallet on Hedera used for NFTs, DeFi and everything else that involves interacting with the Hedera network. It is a non-custodial wallet for iOS, Android and Chrome. Some key features are the NFT Gallery, In-wallet swaps, dApp Browser, P2P Secure Trade feature, Fiat onboarding and more.

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