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Calling all gold HashPack holders

June 5, 2023

April 24th marked a significant milestone in our journey. That was the day we officially launched our store and introduced the Early Adopter and Early Supporter HashPack collectibles. Our intention was twofold: as a live test of our brand new store infrastructure and to show gratitude to our amazing community for their unwavering support from day one.

The Early Adopter collectible served as a free token of gratitude, claimable during that week for everyone who had a HashPack as a thank you for being a part of our early journey The Gold Supporter collectible was sold as a collectible aimed at those who wanted to provide additional support to the HashPack team. A way for our users to actively support us, which is something our community has asked for in the past.

Both those collectibles are now out in the market and the windows to claim or buy them have closed, so there will never be another Early Adopter or Gold Supporter collectible minted.

While our early adopter collectible was meant to be a simple memento with hopefully some sentimental value, we’ve always intended for the Gold HashPack to be a bit more than that. We see our users who hold the Gold HashPack as our biggest fans, the ones that we want to hear out, the ones that we want to engage with and talk to. Our goal is to make the experience for Gold HashPack holders a little more special.

Our community has been eagerly asking us what our plans are for the Gold HashPack, and we’re finally ready to announce the first of our perks for our exclusive community of Gold HashPack fans:

A custom gold theme

An exclusive gold theme will be unlocked for all Gold HashPack holders, allowing you to change the UI of your wallet to express your exclusive status as a true HashPack fan. Themes are the first step of a longer term strategy that we’re really excited about delivering, stay tuned!

To activate your exclusive theme, simply click the HashPack menu icon, press Themes and then Gold HashPack.

Store discounts

As a Gold HashPack holder, you'll enjoy exclusive discounts on future store purchases as a thank you for being an early supporter.

Early access and beta testing of new features

Even from the earliest days of HashPack we found ourselves in need of testing a new feature or running ideas through our community. As a Gold HashPack holder, we’d love to include you in those discussions and give you a sneak peak of what we’re working on.

We know our users are some of the brightest and forward thinkers in the crypto ecosystem. Let’s get a two way conversation going and work together to make HashPack the best it can be.

Discord channel and role

You'll have special access to our exclusive Discord channel and role dedicated to Gold HashPack holders, where you can engage, discuss, and share with other members of the exclusive Gold HashPack community.

Some of these rewards such as the exclusive theme and store discounts require the Gold HashPack to be in your active account in HashPack to use them. Others such as the Discord channel will require verification that you hold the collectible. Follow us on Twitter or join our Discord server to keep connected and stay in the know.

We are deeply grateful for the unwavering and enthusiastic support our community has shown us thus far. We hope to keep giving back to the community and create an engaging, fun experience for all of our users.

On behalf of the entire HashPack team, thank you. We can't wait to see what the future holds. Stay tuned for more updates and surprises!

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