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Sentry Brings Real-Time Activity Monitoring and Notifications to the Hedera Community

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Sentry is a cutting-edge activity monitoring and notification system built on the Hedera Hashgraph and takes full advantage of its speed and efficiency. This innovative service, obtained by purchasing a Sentry subscription NFT, offers users the ability to keep an eye on Hedera accounts with ease with fast and reliable notifications triggered by wallet/account activity.

With Sentry, users can monitor any Hedera account they choose, not just the account that holds their Sentry subscription NFT. Users who purchase a Sentry subscription will receive notifications, through email or discord webhook, whenever anything happens on the Hedera account they choose to monitor. Notifications via discord webhook are blazingly fast thanks to the Hedera network, being triggered in just two to five seconds. (Email was slowed down intentionally to 20 seconds to avoid upsetting various filters that email providers have in place.) More notification options like SMS, push notifications, and desktop notifications are planned for the near future.

To start using Sentry, users can head to our website and connect their HashPack wallet to purchase a Sentry subscription NFT, which acts as a key to the service. Tying the subscription to a NFT also has the side benefit of giving users the ability to trade their subscriptions with others or sell them on the secondary market. Each Sentry NFT comes with a link in the metadata with up-to-date information on how much time is left on the subscription. Sentry subscriptions can be purchased in 6-month increments (up to two years) with three different tiers available.

Sentry Subscription Pricing:

Listed price for each tier includes total cost for six months of Sentry Service.

Tier 1: 300 HBAR — Monitor 2 Hedera accounts.

Tier 2: 480 HBAR — Monitor 5 Hedera accounts.

Tier 3: 600 HBAR — Monitor 10 Hedera accounts.

The Sentry Open Beta begins on Monday, February 6th, and users will be able to purchase a Sentry subscription NFT starting at 10AM Eastern Time.

The Sentry team will continue to update the service with new features, updates, and refinements as we make our way from Open Beta to our 1.0 release.

If you’d like to stay on top of new updates and features and development progresses, have any feedback on the service, or any questions for our developers, please follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.

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