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I got rugged – NFT floor art collectibles by PixelRug

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This article was originally published June 4, 2022 on VaultingLobster’s Newsletter.

Those of you who are familiar with the hashgraph NFT scene, will know which rugs I’m talking about. If you are new to this growing fringe community, let me introduce you to PixelRug, the tailor-made NFT floor art project.

PixelRug is a beloved NFT art project minted on Hedera that creates 3D metaverse collectibles released in small-batches with hundreds of collectors worldwide.

While most NFTs are provided as normal picture file formats, the 8-bit rug collection by Brandon ‘@itsbrandond’ Davenport comes along as a multi-file NFT, including 3D file formats. (HIP-412) So, yeah, you will be totally able to show off your designer rug in the metaverse.

Even better, PixelRug’s file format makes it possible to display their rugs in augmented reality.

Currently there are two series available: The First Edition Series 2021 minted on December 15th 2021, and the Limited Edition Series 2022 minted on May 1st 2022.

Every rug has a different mint quantity, making some of them more rare than others.

The First Edition features nine designs in total with two of those, ‘Midnight’ and ‘Winter’, coming along in monochrome. The majority of the rugs in this series can be mirrored along at least one axis, while circular ‘Baby Blue’ takes first place in terms of perfect symmetry.

Disorienting antagonists are ‘Floral’, the jittering, dark blue canvas with pixel flowers, and shattered ‘Angles’, cautions us with its aposematic color-scheme. All except this warning rug come with different tassels and fringes.

First Edition Series 2021

The Classic’ is the first PixelRug and it’s what originally spiked my interest in Twitter. Is it too early to speak of classics? Not in this case, I guess. Red, White and Blue with small crosses and expanding corners leave this design open to interpretation.

The Limited Edition includes more utilitarian designs, still incorporating symmetry where designs aren’t as explicit. Here, small doormat ‘Welcome!’ sets the stage for this Series, which appears more extraverted and talkative and imitates a bristled texture.

Bulls-eye ‘Ranger’ grants us a look at untouched nature, though a route for pilgrimage might also be a fitting description. CryptoPunk inspired design ‘Purple Punk’ and ultra-rare, meticulously framed ‘Gold Future’, lend a nod to other creators and builders of the crypto community.

Limited Edition Series 2022

Black and white ‘Checker’ gives us a wink with its undersized tassels, as though to justify: “I’m a real rug. See?”

Rug ‘Playroom’ is a nostalgic children’s play rug, with roads, buildings, beaches and a railroad.

Every rug’s display page has a short description included.

'Playroom' display page

The human form only appears as a remote abstraction depicted as a CyberPunk and as such, every rug itself conveys its own personality through their chosen aesthetic.

The two current PixelRug collections catch the eye with their subtle and decisive execution of someone who uses very condensed visual vocabulary. Don’t be fooled by the form or the medium the artist’s Gedanke comes along as.

You will be able to find all of Brandon’s PixelRug designs on their website. Additionally, his project has a gallery with all the rug designs on display.

PixelRug Gallery (June 3rd 2022)
Monochromatic designs ‘Checker’ and ‘Midnight’. Source: PixelRug Gallery (June 3rd 2022)

Take a look at this interesting Twitter thread for more info on how PixelRug came to be.

PixelRug will be headlining in Hashstock 2022 along with Square Dudes and Dead Pixels Ghost Club.

Twitter: @pixelrug

PixelRug is a project running on the Hedera Hashgraph using non-fungible metadata on HTS.

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