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We're bringing NFT Staking to Hedera!

That's right folks! HashGuild has been building hard in the background to ensure that Hedera and Hashgraph is on-par with its competitors (Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, etc...) when it comes to on-chain (or rather on-DLT) infrastructure.

As a result, today we have the most successful NFT Staking programme on Hedera! The feature was stealth-launched in early November, in conjunction with Warsome Wizards, one of the top NFT Projects on Hedera. We worked together with the Wizards to bring them a custom tailored and bespoke NFT Staking programme, whereby users would stake (and thus lock away) their Wizard NFT for a minimum of 30 days, in exchange for the project's native token, $WAR.

The results were astonishing, as within the first month we reached a peak of OVER 2,200 Wizards staked on HashGuild! Zooming out and looking at the big picture, we're proud to say that this number is well over half of all Wizards currently in circulation (3,777).

To commemorate our partnership and consolidate this historical event in the history of Hedera and HBAR NFTs, the project's founder, Noaty, was kind enough to provide the community with a tutorial!

Here's how to stake NFTs on HashGuild:

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