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HashGuild introduces a new, permissionless, and open-source solution to NFT Minting on Hedera!

When it comes to NFT-related infrastructure on Hedera, there are many builders out there in the community who are all iterating on their own versions of products. However, there are a few problems…

Firstly, these solutions are not bundled together in a singular space, making it difficult for end-users to navigate. If a creator wants to mint an NFT, they must first find which are the providers of said product or service, and figure out the things they need to prepare based on how the minting interface is built out.

Secondly, end-users are plagued by permissioned-only services. Hedera and Hashgraph's end goal is to become a permissionless DLT. HashGuild follows in those exact footsteps, not only with the current suite of products we provide (Marketplace, Staking, Offering), but also with the new Minting tool.

Unlike other providers, on HashGuild users do not have to ask anyone for permission to mint. The interface is completely open-source as well, so anyone can use our minting tool as a white-label solution and build their own interface on it if they wish to do so!

Finally, as to address the first problem we pointed out, we are indeed focused on providing as wide a suite of products and infrastructure as possible under the HashGuild roof, such that users no longer have to navigate from website to website, project to project, in order to get the full Hedera NFT experience, and tools to suit their needs.

Here is a quick guide on how you can mint your NFTs on Hedera using our tool:

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