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Citadel Wallet: The Ultimate Hardware Wallet for the Hedera Network

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Citadel Wallet

This article was originally published March 23, 2023 on Yahoo Finance.

Citadel Wallet is a state-of-the-art hardware wallet designed to provide users with a secure, reliable, and user-friendly experience when interacting with the Hedera public network. Built to support Hedera's native cryptocurrency HBAR, the Citadel wallet also handles other unique services offered by the DLT, such as Hedera Native Staking, Native Token Service and NFTs, Scheduled Transactions, Smart Contracts 2.0, Consensus Service, and more.

With Citadel Wallet, users can securely sign transactions, access decentralized applications, and enjoy the convenience of wireless and wired communication options. The wallet features high-performance and security hardware components, a long battery life, a full-color touchscreen display, and all necessary cryptographic operations for a comprehensive support of all functionalities supported by the Hedera network.

The hardware wallet is purposely built from the ground up with Hedera's architecture and technology in mind. Its design ensures optimal and secure performance, making it suitable for everyday users, startups, NFT projects and enterprises alike. Citadel Wallet is developed with the highest level of security standards, including advanced encryption techniques, to safeguard user's digital assets.

Citadel Wallet Features

  • High Security EAL 6+ Secure Element
  • Secure Microprocessor with Trust Zone
  • Secure Bluetooth connectivity
  • Full support for Hedera services
  • Intuitive Touch and User Interface
  • Full color 1.28” round display
  • Long battery life
  • USB-C Communication
  • Integrated Storage
  • Software Development Kit

Citadel Hardware Wallet teams up with HeadStarter for Exclusive Guardians of the Citadel phygital NFT Sales

Citadel Hardware Wallet is proud to announce its partnership with HeadStarter the premier web3 crowdfunding platform for Hedera to launch its pre-order sales through a limited-edition collection of phygital collectibles: "Guardians of the Citadel" (GOTC). Leveraging HeadStarter’s platform, the pre-order sales will offer users the opportunity to pre-order Citadel Hardware Wallets through the GOTC NFTs at discounted prices.

GOTC is a unique collection of high-quality 3D animated Knight character NFTs that hold many different utilities associated with Citadel Hardware Wallet and the NFT project itself. The NFTs are designed to complement the Citadel Hardware Wallet by offering added features and benefits such as priority access to future Citadel Hardware Wallet releases, exclusive discounts for wallet accessories, voting rights, and more.

Combined, Citadel Hardware Wallet and the GOTC NFT collection, create a unique and immersive experience for early adopters in an innovative setting made possible only through the use of web3 technology. Beyond the ability to secure the earliest units and their own Citadel Hardware Wallet, the utility obtained through owning the NFTs, users who purchase the GOTC NFTs will contribute to one of the largest ecosystem funding events to date and thus also become fully immersed in the fast-growing Hedera community.

In conclusion, Citadel Wallet is the ultimate hardware wallet for anyone looking to interact with the Hedera public network securely, reliably, and with utmost ease. Its state-of-the-art design, advanced security features, and compatibility with Hedera's services make it a must-have for anyone looking to build or commit funds to the network. The pre-order sales through the GOTC NFT collection are going live on March the 29th and are minted through proprietary smart contracts exclusively on the HeadStarter Launchpad dApp.

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