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Introducing HashPack token swaps

October 2, 2022

HashPack users can now swap tokens directly in wallet. Users can take advantage of Hedera’s low fees and lightning fast performance, made possible through our collaboration with SaucerSwap, the pioneering DEX on Hedera.

This summer has seen an explosion of activity in the Hedera ecosystem, but probably the most notable event was the launch of SaucerSwap in August which opened the door to the token economy. The pioneering DEX on Hedera has only been live for two months and is already approaching $20M USD TVL and $40M in trade volume.

WIth new tokens launching every day, our users have been asking to integrate a swap functionality into HashPack. We hope this feature will make it as simple and frictionless as possible to trade and participate in this quickly growing token ecosystem.

Just head over to the new Swap tab to get started!

Choose your pair, select your amount, and press Swap. It’s really that easy.

Since we’re built on Hedera, you’re guaranteed low, predictable fees. Each call to SaucerSwap’s smart contracts costs a fraction of a penny, which will never change due to the way Hedera is designed. Users will also take advantage of Hedera’s lightning fast speed, meaning your swaps will be confirmed and the tokens in your account in 3-5 seconds. Do we need to mention that Hedera is also the most energy efficient L1? Give it a try and you’ll see why Hedera is the future of crypto DeFi.

A small service fee of 0.7% is automatically factored into each quote, which supports the development of HashPack.

Swaps are available on all versions of HashPack – try swapping some tokens on our Android app, Chrome extension, or web wallet.

Step by step guide

  1. Open HashPack
  2. Click the new Swap tab
  3. Select the tokens you want to swap, and click the Swap button.
  4. Confirm your trade
  5. Click Swap and you’ll have your tokens delivered within seconds!

HashPack is enabling and accelerating DeFi on Hedera

We’d like to thank our users for supporting us as we blaze the way forward in the Hedera ecosystem. Our mission at HashPack is to deliver a simple, secure and stylish Web3 experience for everyone. Since we launched last year we’ve delivered tools like Secure Trade and HashConnect which have jump started the NFT and DeFi ecosystem on Hedera, and we have no plans on slowing down!

Two weeks ago we launched our in-wallet dApp browser which is designed to raise awareness of the incredible dApp ecosystem growing on Hedera. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for users to connect to marketplaces, games and dApps. In-wallet swaps are our newest feature to enable users to engage in Hedera’s ecosystem in a frictionless and intuitive way.

Next up on our roadmap our Apple users will be happy to know that we are working hard to deliver the iOS app as soon as possible. We also have some other exciting features planned up our sleeves. Stay tuned!

Get in touch with us

We encourage all our users to reach out to us and give us your feedback! The best way is to hop in our Discord and say hi! We welcome both positive and negative feedback and feature suggestions. We truly value our community, and your feedback is the best way to ensure that we build what you want.

If you have any support related questions, please join our Discord and open a ticket in the #support channel. This is the official method to contact us. Remember that our staff will never message you first, and we will never ask you for your private key or seed phrase. Be wary of anyone who claims to be a staff member and don’t click on any links.

You can also follow us on Twitter to keep up with all our news and announcements.

For the developers

Our mission to reduce friction in the ecosystem extends to developers and companies too! We are more than happy to hop on a call and provide support for integration of Hashconnect into your dApp, or to provide feedback and insight on what it takes to build and succeed on Hedera.

Get in touch with our CEO, May Chan, on LinkedIn or Twitter for all business related inquiries.

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