Lucky Token

Lucky Token is an immutable fungible token on the Hedera Hashgraph network

The Lucky Token team has developed games that use the hedera network to operate.

Lucky Token Roulette
Players can choose a number between 0-99 or a color, bet $LUCKY Tokens and the winning number is determined from the transaction's consensus timestamp. That way each play of the roulette is truly unique and the result cannot be known in advance. Payouts are automated and happen instantly.

Lucky Studs!
A social horse racing game played on Discord! Players pair their wallet and choose from 7 horses, place a bet and the race is then run on a preset interval! Bettors on the winning horse split the pot based on the amount of bets each player has on said horse. Payouts are automated and happen instantly once the race is completed.

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Lucky Roulette
Bet on a number or a color and spin the wheel to win tokens!
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