Lil Universe

The Lil Universe is composed of Lil Monkis and Transcendents

Lil Monkis were one of the first projects to launch on Hedera back in September 2021. Transcendents were one of the first high quality 3D projects on Hedera with uniquely rendered samurais. Both projects have access to Lil Universe’s range of utilities and $LIL.

Articles by Lil Universe

Antimatter Transcendents
Antimatter Transcendents have been forged from the hearts...
Transcendents Generation 1 are a collection of 1,000...
Cosmo Monkis
Cosmi Monki of the Lil Universe.
Lil Monkis
Lil Monkis are the first troop of 3888 unique randomly...

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