HashFarms is a “Postmodern Investment Bank” managed by Pary Fund; we are open to anyone & everyone building on Hedera.

The Farm provides all the services of an investment bank; Advisory, Lending, Capital Markets, however we are void of the negative narratives that surround Investment Banks; fees, we offer these services free of charge to the Hedera communityHashFarms Offerings:

Advisory & Incubation: The Farm offers advisory services to all managers who have questions surrounding their projects. Additionally, new projects have direct access to the broader HashFarms platform to help navigate the hurdles of Fundraising and Project Deployment.

Structured Products & Direct Lending: HashFarms works directly with investors to structure products that best fit their financial needs. Further to this, the Farm offers bespoke lending services in the form of over-collateralized, no-interest loans for project development.

OTC Trading/Marketplace: HashFarms will facilitate trading with the Hashgraph Fund treasury. The fund will provide escrow & intermediary services for counterparties looking to discreetly sell NFTs/Tokens It is our sincere hope that by offering these services free of charge we can help bootstrapped projects realize their goals and ultimately help better the entire Hedera ecosystem.

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