What is CyberHedera?

CyberHedera is your gateway to a whole 'nother universe, living in the cyber punk era within the Hbar NFT space. We prefer calling our creations as "Cyborg beings" and not just a simple art collection.

We started off as an art and community based project that rewards its holders directly via profit sharing. Our community owns 75% of CyberHedera.

With our unique hand-drawn characters and NFTs, CH has grown and expanded as a brand and is now offering multiple utilities such as farming and staking with its own HTS Token ($WHALE) and a P2E game in the near future.

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Gen02 Cyborgs
Digitally hand drawn cyborg beings. 1/1 in a collection...
Gen01 Whaleborgs
Digitally hand drawn cyborg whales. 1/1 in a collection...

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